Luxury @ Amazon

Amazon’s long-awaited ‘Luxury Stores’ launched this week for Prime members in an invite-only, exclusive to the app format. The first brand to partner with Amazon was Oscar De La Renta, and the collection supposedly includes ready-to-wear, accessories, bags, jewelry, and perfume from the F/W collection. There’s a lot to unpack here. I obviously did notContinue reading “Luxury @ Amazon”

Snapchat’s shoppable show: “The Drop”

Nearly every social media platform has taken the plunge into the world of commerce; from Instagram’s Shops, Facebook’s Shops /Marketplace, Pinterest’s new image-recognition tools, ads on Youtube that become increasingly more shoppable, the undeniable power of TikTok, and now, Snapchat’s new shoppable show, “The Drop.” According to this article from Mobile Marketer– “Snap this yearContinue reading “Snapchat’s shoppable show: “The Drop””

‘Squad shopping’ gaining ground in the U.S.

Whether or not you’re familiar with the phrase “squad shopping,” it is definitely something you should be thinking about for the retail industry as the implementation of social commerce gains an increasingly stronger footing in the U.S. consumer’s typical behaviors. Vogue Business posted an article this week that covers ‘the rise of squad shopping’ thatContinue reading “‘Squad shopping’ gaining ground in the U.S.”

Drop culture – but make it about sustainability rather than hype

The first time that I scrolled past an Instagram ad for PANGAIA was a few months ago, right as it was starting to get cold in Minnesota. The ad was for their FLWRDWN puffer jacket, which is a cruelty-free, completely biodegradable winter jacket made from wild flowers using a patented process. I clicked on theContinue reading “Drop culture – but make it about sustainability rather than hype”

My changing consumer habits amidst the quarantine

When self-quarantining became a true reality with stores shutting down everywhere, it’s not surprising that my first thoughts on this change revolved around how consumer behaviors were also going to drastically change. There are plenty of people working on studying these changes, but I thought it would be interesting to write about my own personalContinue reading “My changing consumer habits amidst the quarantine”

On H&M’s “high-tech” recycling bins…

On 1/13/20, Chain Store Age covered the implementation of H&M’s “high-tech” recycling bins in its NY Flagship location. That article can be found here. *As a preface to this entire piece- recycling is great, and any sustainability initiative is better than none. I am also a hypocrite because I have shopped at H&M in theContinue reading “On H&M’s “high-tech” recycling bins…”

2019 Retail Dive Awards Reflections

This past week, Retail Dive announced their selections for each category of their annual Retail Dive Awards. Here’s the breakdown with my commentary following: Retailer of the Year: Walmart. Walmart has done a lot of really cool things this past year and has definitely been an interesting retailer to follow, however, I just can’t getContinue reading “2019 Retail Dive Awards Reflections”