Proud New Yorker turned partially Minnesotan making her way through the retail industry and learning at every step along the way.

Emma Irwin

Emma Irwin is a passionate student of the retail industry. She holds a B.S. in Retail Merchandising from the University of Minnesota and will be a graduate student working towards an M.S. in Apparel Studies (Retail and Consumer Studies focus) at UMN in the fall.

Current Work

Retail Research (coming soon)

Retail Writer

Podcast Contributor

Omni Talk Intern

Add Your Past Experiences

Intern at Omni Talk Retail
Responsible for the Omni Talk Top Talk (a retail newsletter covering retail headlines that goes out to subscribers and followers on social media) daily, weekly contributor to the Omni Talk Fast Five podcast, manages social content and monitors the Omni Talk platforms.

Sales at Warby Parker
Brief stint as a sales advisor at a new Warby Parker location. Helped with the opening of the store and have considerably more optical knowledge than I will probably ever need.

Sales Lead at Levi’s
Was promoted from Sales Associate to Sales Lead to Keyholder within a year. Responsibilities included running the sales floor, co-leading floor sets, managing the cashwrap, solving significant customer service issues, and maintaining and monitoring inventory in the store.

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