Outdoor Voices brings a taste of Texas to Flatiron NY

Outdoor voices has just opened up their 10th store in the Flatiron district of NYC. The brand already has a store in SoHo, but the new Flatiron store brings a flare of West Texas to the urban jungle.

OV is headquartered in Austin currently has stores in Austin, San Francisco, LA, Boston, Nashville, Dallas, Chicago, and D.C. in addition to the two NY stores.

If you’re unfamiliar with Outdoor Voices, it is a digitally native outdoor and recreational wear brand that was founded in 2014 to disrupt the traditional outdoor/activewear industry. I scroll past an ad for OV on Instagram almost every time that I’m on there, especially after I have been checking out the website, and I continue to admire the brand for its honesty and portrayal of real people trying to get outdoors and be active.

OV shows their products on people of all sizes and looks, which makes me more inclined to purchase from them because I can both see how the products fit on a variety of sizes and I’m not discouraged to purchase or work out because of the intimidation that arises after looking at Adidas or Nike models. For this reason, I truly believe in this brand and what they stand for and trust that they are designing products with all people looking for active-ish wear in mind.

I also think that the usage of “recreation” is a brilliant strategy that sets this brand apart from other activewear or outdoor brands. You don’t have to be working out as a professional athlete to wear their products, you can imagine yourself strolling through Grand Central Park, hiking in the Grand Canyon, or playing soccer with your friends all while wearing OV clothing. When I see Nike workout products, I only imagine myself running at the gym. With OV, I can see myself wearing the products for a larger variety of uses that are “recreational,” which is why I think that that was such a smart marketing tactic. Finding what can set your product apart from others and creating a story for consumers to see how to incorporate your products into their lives is key to your brand’s success.

Back to this new store:

It’s awesome that another physical location is opening up. I have always found leggings to be tough to nail your size on the first try online, so having engaging and beautiful physical locations can only help this brand.

What’s so cool about this new store to me is the added Texas elements. Western decor, desert plants, and design elements more typical of Texas rather than NY help this store stand out. Not only can a shopper experience a beautiful new store and learn about the products, but they can also be transported to a different region of the country and almost feel the sun and heat of the western Texas desert.

I’ve done a lot of shopping in NYC, and most NY store locations tend to subscribe to traditional NY design features such as industrial elements, concrete, and white walls with minimal decor (such as the OV SoHo store), which is great because tons of people come to NY to experience this kind of store environment when shopping. I think that designing a store by taking inspiration from Texas, however, is a really unique approach for the brand, and it pays homage to where they came from. Shoppers can experience something totally different between the two locations in NY but still be informed on the quality and story of the products.

For someone like me who finds inspiration and admiration in design styles and elements from all over the country (and world), being able to go out in the city of New York to a store that will imaginatively transport me to Texas without actually having to travel to the store’s Texas location makes me want to head over there right now.

Images from the Flatiron store:


Images from the SoHo store:


Original story from Marianne Wilson at Chain Store Age: https://chainstoreage.com/first-look-outdoor-voices-brings-hint-texas-new-york-flagship-store?utm_source=omeda&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NL_CSA+Day+Breaker&utm_keyword=&oly_enc_id=1561H5042334C0V

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