Introducing Myself

My name is Emma Irwin. I study Retail Merchandising at the University of Minnesota and work at Third Haus, a retail networking and lab space, where I call myself the Social Media Manager and work on content creation and marketing for both Third Haus and the popular retail blog, Omni Talk, that is hosted within Third Haus, as well. I occasionally publish content on the blog and make appearances on the Omni Talk Fast Five podcast. I also help people find the perfect glasses at Warby Parker on the weekends.

I found my passion for the retail industry once I moved away to college (I’m from NY, don’t ever forget it) and discovered the Retail Merchandising program. I specifically love both physical and digital merchandising and also have a soft spot for visual merchandising + store design. I dabble in UX research + design, and live for all things brand storytelling and content creation.

A list of favorite things include: coffee, furniture, fall/winter fashion, dogs, mid-century modern design, spending money I don’t have, pasta, all animals in general, interiors, classical cello music, rocks + gemstones, companies that value sustainability, social media, New York, specifically my two dogs, among other things.

I also make jewelry in bursts where I have free time. You can find it at

Published by Emma Irwin

Emma Irwin is a passionate student of the retail industry. Freshly graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Retail Merchandising, she will be pursuing an M.S. in Apparel Studies with a concentration in Retail and Consumer Studies in fall 2020. Career ambitions include writing a formal research paper, becoming a retail writer and reporter, and maybe being a CEO someday.

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